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The field of In Vitro Fertilization has made dramatic advances throughout the past several years resulting in much improved pregnancy and delivery rates.

Dr. Alfred J. Rodriguez - Texas IVF and In-vitro FertilizationIVF involves the process by which the oocytes (eggs) are taken out through the vagina from the female partner's stimulated ovaries and mixed with sperm from the male partner to subsequently fertilize outside of the body in a dish- the term In Vitro Fertilization literally means "in a dish".

The fertilized pre-embryo are then closely monitored by some of the most knowledgeable laboratory scientists in the field so that they can continue to develop in the best possible environment until they are ready to transfer back to the uterus (2-5) days after fertilization.

Exciting changes in growing and selecting embryo have developed over the last several months allowing us to only return to you the best embryo possible and maximizing your chances at pregnancy. Current criteria at day 5 transfers include the rare but extremely successful use of an inner cell mass (ICM) within the embryo as a marker indicating increased chance of pregnancy and subsequent delivery along with decreasing the chance of multiples. Only a very few clinics in the United States are able to utilize ICM criteria for transfer and we are proud of our ability to be among them.

In Vitro can be a very successful option for those couples who cannot conceive other ways. Physicians and laboratories both play a key role in the success of your IVF cycle. Making an informed choice about the Physician and Laboratory that care for you are of utmost importance. Your Physician should specialize in the field of advanced reproductive medicine and have many hours of the training and experience necessary for you to have the best chance for a successful stimulation. The laboratory your Physician uses for the In Vitro process is of critical importance as well. The laboratory should be certified and staffed with highly trained and experienced personnel.

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