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Dr. Alfred J. Rodriguez, Dallas IVF specializes in male infertilityIn certain circumstances the reason for infertility can be identified as male factor infertility. Diagnoses in this category include azospermia, low count and/or motility, post vasectomy and spinal cord injury relate infertility.

Treatment options include the highly successful technique of injecting the sperm directly into the egg to increase your chance of fertilization. This procedure, known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), is performed by a highly trained laboratory specialist with many hours of certification in this area.

If no sperm are available due to spinal cord injury, vasectomy or other reasons Dr. Rodriguez will work closely with Urologists who can obtain sperm through testicular biopsies or other surgical procedures allowing these patients for whom this would not be possible otherwise the opportunity to father a child.

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