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We know that many of you have been patiently waiting for word on resumption of care in relation to IVF stimulation, Embryo Transfer, as well as outpatient surgical procedures.  We have been under governor’s mandate to postpone all non-urgent procedures up until recently when he allowed for resumption of “certain” procedures and stated that he would defer to physicians to determine if the procedure/surgery was one of necessity.  This was taken as a thumbs up to resume all fertility treatments by many free-standing clinics however, this lifting of suspension is still up for discussion and interpretation.    

After careful consideration, we requested and received permission from Texas Health Presbyterian Plano Hospital administration to resume frozen embryo preparation with the first transfers occurring mid-May.  We respectfully ask that you do not call the office requesting a transfer date as we are going to resume transfers in the order that they were previously scheduled. We will be in touch with you as soon as we have calendars prepared. We have not been given approval to resume stimulation for IVF/Retrievals however are hopeful that we can resume mid-May for retrievals end of May or early June. We will post an update when approval is received.    

Please continue to have patience with us as we transition back into opening our office and the hospital re-opens the ARTS department.  Resumption of care will require a quite different environment in order to maintain social distancing and protect us all. We will inform you of the requirements & changes when we contact you about beginning your cycle preparation.  

Please understand that COVID 19 is still active in our communities.  If you desire to move forward with treatment, we must ask that you continue social distancing.  We have strictly done so as your medical team in order to remain well so that we can all be safe once we resume your care.    

Continue to stay well!  

Dr. Rodriguez and Staff   


Alfred J. Rodriguez, M.D. Medical Director Texas IVF and Texas Health Presbyterian Plano ARTS

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