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Obesity is a disease of excess body fat that varies by race, gender, age, and individual.  It is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society as well as a major health problem world-wide. 

Obesity is categorized by BMI (body mass index) as follows:

The reasons for obesity increasing are complex and are an interplay of cultural, economic, and social forces.  It is estimated that the annual cost of obesity related healthcare issues exceeds 1.4 trillion dollars which is twice what the U.S. spends on defense.  Surprisingly, only 1/3 of obese individuals receive advice from their healthcare providers to lose weight!

Not only does obesity lead to early mortality, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dyslipidemia, stroke, and cancer, but for REPRODUCTIVE AGE WOMEN  it is associated with:

Obesity in pregnancy leads to:

Fetal complications for maternal obesity:

Written by: Linda Ward, LVN, IVF Nurse Coordinator, TexasIVF

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